Friday, February 19, 2016

EXPLORE test results for 8th grade students going on now!

8th Grade CCR Meetings happening now! 
Eighth grade students at Cedar Middle School take the EXPLORE test every fall. This test is a practice test for the ACT test that will be given during your students Junior year at Cedar High School. The EXPLORE test is the first practice test for the ACT. The PLAN test will be given when your student is a sophomore at Cedar High School which will be their second practice test.

Test Results 
The EXPLORE test tests core subjects including English, Math, Reading and Science. With these results you and your student will be able to see how your student compares to other students in the U.S. and to other students attending CMS in each subject by displaying a bar graph. You will also see your students projected test result for the Plan test they will do when they are in 10th grade and if they are below, at or above the ACT benchmarks for college readiness. The results booklet also includes the answers for each question asked along with the students answer. They are given their booklet so they can review their answers and make plans to improve. 

World-of-Work Map
Part of the test includes an interest inventory which helps your student discover their interests and possible careers in those fields. The EXPLORE test creates a World-of-Work Map which helps your student see their areas of interests.

Cedar High Career Pathways 
After reviewing the results from the EXPLORE test we discuss your students 4 year high school plan.  We discuss how credits are earned and how credits can be recovered. Students are given information about Cedar High Career Pathways . These pathways are classes that can be taken which will help students have knowledge and skills in a specific career area. By completing a pathway students will be awarded with a medallion to wear on graduation day.